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Why Covenant?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

About 5 years ago, after years of being a pure Capitalist, I came to my senses.

The truth is socialism and capitalism have been found wanting. We are living through a

vortex of societal, political and environmental dangers brought about by a contractual model

that has failed our communities and the wider environment.

Contracts, both private and social, damage relationships. As chaos rains in Westminster, a huge reset could not be more fitting.

Why Covenant?

It is time, instead, for something both ancient and new: a covenantal approach. One in which

individuals, organisations and institutions enter into a binding agreement to share the

benefits and burdens of community life.

The model is intergenerational, with no single interest dominating. Instead we need to find

the common good. Unlike contracts, covenants build more caring relationships.

Preferring neither state nor business, nor the individual over the community, covenant is a

move from a culture of rights and ownership, towards one of obligation and trusteeship.

It is this sort of consensus that will restore trust in our civic institutions, facilitating

collaboration and strengthening morality.

And this I say to our PM is how we will flourish, support each other and grow.



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