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Why We Need a Major Economic Reset!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

We need a major reset of how we manage our economy … and not along the lines of last week’s Autumn Statement.

Our long reliance on cheap credit has poisoned our monetary system.


Without a significant change in approach some of the poorest and most vulnerable in our society will suffer terrible hardship. 


In the worst cases, millions will suffer if they cannot afford heating through the depths of winter. 


This is a crisis in need of urgent solutions and this government haven’t got it quite right.


As an entrepreneur and business leader I have long experience in tackling tough challenges with creative solutions. 


In this instance I see only one way to fix the problem - and it means going back to an old source of wisdom.


I’ll be discussing the situation with two of the sharpest political thinkers of our day.


Danny Kruger is Conservative MP for Devizes. He is co-chair of the New Social Covenant Unit, with a mission to strengthen families, communities and the nation.


Lord Maurice Glasman is the founder of Blue Labour and director of the Common Good Foundation. He is a political theorist and social commentator.


Tune in tomorrow at 11.00am GMT via my social channels to hear us debate how to implement the changes we need.



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