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The State of the Nation? Relegation.

I’ve been an Arsenal fan all my life and my father before me.

You stay loyal to your team – that’s what support is – through thick and thin.

Even relegation.

So too, I try to stay loyal to my country - for all its faults.

I feel less inclined to be as generous with our institutions - which I think need to be reformed, even relegated - right now.

Let’s start with the Bank of England.

Last week, they raised interest rates again which will affect the poor and vulnerable in their millions far more severely - whilst the rich won’t flinch.

They say inflation is being tamed but it didn’t feel like that when my family did the last weekly shop.

The time has come for us to hold our leaders to account.

“Yesterday’s man” Boris was in the dock on whether he wilfully or intentionally broke Covid restriction rules - or was it just “guidance.”

Call me slow but where is this conversation going? He was present at 5 parties, some of which had 30 people in close contact.

In hospitals round the corner and across the country, young and old were dying – alone in their tens of thousands.

To dissect “parties from gatherings” is cold comfort for those who lost partners, relatives and friends.

If we are not able to tackle flagrant lying and deceit in our corridors of power, what hope have we as a democracy?

If you’ve been reading my missives, you’ll know that I believe in an idea called Covenant that looks after the greatest needs of communities first – that’s your needs, not my wants.

It means we can all thrive and live in abundance because we look after each other using a system that breaks free from the servitude of debt and fairly funds services and everyday requirements to make for a happier life. (See my digital pound blog link here)

We all need to wake up to the introduction of a digital currency that may just slide into being, as a pilot, before becoming a controlling mechanism that empowers central banks further, neutering the man on the street.

I support the idea of a digital currency, but power must be distributed to local lending institutions. Lending should focus on achieving full employment, zero inflation, debt forgiveness and meeting the needs of local families, communities and, of course, our planet.

Privacy must also be protected. We must start a dialogue on this critical issue which I believe can and will change the world, with Britain leading the way.

Some may raise a cynical eyebrow and feel exhausted by our failed system – but does that mean we must sit quietly by and give up?

I think not. Britain deserves better – and so do you. Our country has led the world in the past, and now has a once in a millennium opportunity to lead the world again.

Let’s not relegate ourselves further into some second division but instead raise a Covenantal cup to a better life and even share it with the person next to you.

Even if they are a stranger. #phillipullmann #thefivemasters #digitalcurrency #digitalpound #ukdebtcrisis #ukdebt #debtproblems #thoughtleader



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