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Phillip Ullmann's Story

Phillip Ullmann is a social business entrepreneur with a track record of building disruptive business models that deliver value – measured as much by people, communities, and nature as by financial assets.

He believes in creating environments where talented leaders who share a passion for innovation are given the opportunity to succeed, changing their lives and the teams they allow to self-manage. This philosophy is reflected in his ability to recruit some of the most successful executives who have grown and developed the Cordant Group, with revenues of £250m and a combined workforce of over 10,000.

Sharing success also means giving back to society and its important causes. In 2017, Phillip evolved the value system at Cordant further, defining it as a social business and introducing a set of measures to reflect that – capping executive pay and dividends.

In 2019, Phillip and his senior team co-authored Cordant’s Social Impact Report, mapping a five-point strategy aimed at improving worker opportunities with a focus on purpose, not profits and well-being not just wealth. These categories included good jobs, maximizing potential, building resilience, giving forward (charities, etc), and reviving business – all underpinned by the social model. A campaign was also launched to promote and implement the Real Living Wage.

In 2020, Cordant Group was sold to Twenty20 Investors. Phillip set up Covenant Advisory – an independent consultancy mandated to guide and advise businesses, their leaders, and state enterprises on their journey to social purpose, whilst aligning shareholders with other stakeholders.



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