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Phillip Ullmann: Blessed by the Best (Advisors…)

I won’t deny it. I’ve been blessed in my life.

Blessed with some good fortune and blessed with some business acumen that has provided healthy returns.

Along the way, I hope I’ve helped people as a mentor and guide.

That idea of guidance is central in how I tackle things and perhaps it’s a key to that success.

One habit I try to repeat is to surround myself with world class advisors.

In business and in my quest for biblical answers, it’s a decision that has reaped rewards.

This week, I was lucky enough to share the company of two of them in a live discussion – Danny Kruger and my old friend Maurice Glasman.

In a fast-paced debate, we tackled the central question of how society can better itself for the greater good and how we must reframe our views on family and community relationships - and how each of us contribute.

There is another way – one that protects the poor, doesn’t pay heed to market forces and allows money to flow freely to those that need it most.

I’m not saying we have all the answers, but you’ll find a lot of ideas and insights both ancient and modern right here… Watch the full debate here:

Lastly, I’m a big fan of open dialogue, so please get in touch directly or invite me to your panel.

I like direct questions, but if you want to throw some bricks too…I’m ready.

Watch the full debate here:

Explore more of Phillip here:



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