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New PM – Rishi Sunak Takes Over

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And religious texts are full of righteous retribution for those who transgress.

Yet all the major religions also offer the idea of an opportunity at redemption.

Perhaps, this is such a time for the Conservative party.

MPs and members of Britain’s ‘governing’ Conservative party appear to have taken this onboard as they rally behind Rishi Sunak as the country’s first Hindu Prime Minister. They believe he can restore managerial and fiscal competence, reassure financial markets and return the UK to a position of global relevance.

Mr Sunak began his premiership with a call for unity and stability and rightly spoke of the

profound economic challenges facing the country.

Yet, those challenges are as much social as they economic.

I urge him to think differently as he seeks solutions to the country’s huge challenges.

I believe there are ways to unite communities through the bonding power of a social

covenant programme and it’s an idea well-understood in British politics.

Covenants combine the innovation and efficiency of business with the duty and trust of

public service and always work for the greater good.

They bring an old ideal into the modern era because they promote mutual obligation based

on family and community values. Different parties have a voice and local communities can

directly impact their own lives by being much closer to decision-making.

I call on Mr Sunak to use the opportunity of Diwali – a festival focused on the triumph of

knowledge over ignorance after all – to apply the wisdom of his religion to helping all those

of every faith.

And by noting we can only make things better by working together, leaving blame and


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