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Do You Want to See Real Change?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Do you feel the public policy debate is missing the point or fundamentally off-track?

I know I do, and not simply because I favour an entrepreneurial solution and I like to shake up a stodgy market

stuck in the past - or cut through bureaucratic waste that causes more harm than it cures.

Over a 30-year career in business I learnt how to get to the heart of the matter and make changes that worked.

Now I see we need that kind of approach to tackle problems in our society.

We are caught between two modes of thinking that will destroy us if we don’t find a way to mitigate them.

Allowing the godlike market to dictate how we deliver public services pushes profit ahead of people and results in the shocking imbalances we see with energy prices now.

Some of the most vulnerable in our society face hardship and even death if they can’t afford heating this winter.

Yet we cannot leave the state alone to manage public assets because its wasteful one-size-fits-all mindset is just

as bad at coping with the different needs of our communities.

There is a way out of this - and you’ll be amazed when you hear where I found it.

We need politicians who listen and understand how to change our society from the ground up, not by top-down

command and control diktat.

Two of them will join me today to debate the best way forward.

Danny Kruger is Conservative MP for Devizes. He is co-chair of the New Social Covenant Unit, with a mission to

strengthen families, communities and the nation.

Lord Maurice Glasman is the founder of Blue Labour and director of the Common Good Foundation. He is a

political theorist and social commentator.

We want to hear your thoughts too … so join us today at 11.00 GMT live on my social channels and let’s make a




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