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Building the Future from the Ground Up

Few people have built an empire then realised its premise was wrong. Even fewer have taken steps to rethink a capitalist model and revise it.

And even fewer still have then tried to take on the establishment and reform it.

Phillip Ullmann has and is doing these things.

Why? Because through upbringing, the example of others, and a sense of duty, he feels it’s the right thing TO DO.

For Phillip, it’s not a blame game, a question of conflict, or plain criticism.

What matters is how we can come together to fix a broken system and a set of institutions that are failing us.

It’s about dialogue and collaboration.

That means keeping an open mind, partnering with experts who are world class in their field, and shaping ideas that can effect genuine change.

For Phillip, one such change agent is Richard Gerver who he met in 2016.

Richard is consistently voted one of the world’s leading experts on education and skills. He made his name turning round a failing school in the UK and has gone on to advise governments, organisations, and businesses all over the world, from the BBC to President Obama.

He has a unique perspective on the power of education and its potential to marshal the potential of younger people, so they can thrive in the modern world. His books Change, and Simple Thinking is powerful and well worth reading.

In this Five Masters episode, Richard and Phillip explore the role of education today and how it can play an overwhelmingly positive contribution to society, if only when reformed.

They discuss the potential of human capital when properly empowered and how education should be a natural birth rite, one on offer to retirees as much as children.

That way, we can all better ourselves and through that process benefit those around us, collectively improving society, as communities thrive.

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